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Amolibros provides complete publishing services designed to assist authors who wish to consider self-publishing but wish to avoid getting overburdened by the time-consuming aspects of either production or marketing or both.
When you decide to publish your own book it is important to pay attention to detail and to ensure that your finished product is not only a well-executed and professional piece of production but also produced in a way that is going to be suitable for your marketplace. In other words the book must look right for the audience that you hope to sell your book to. Amolibros, a publishing consultancy for authors and publishers, through using professional experts in the publishing and printing industries, will help you achieve your objectives as sensibly and economically as possible.
You remain in control
You receive expert professional advice on all fronts – editorial, production, marketing, sales –  when you want to publish your own book
You pay suppliers directly, suppliers that are used by the conventional publishing industry
You publish under your own imprint – you are the publisher
You will not be given misleading expectations
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Wherever possible, authors and publishers are encouraged to visit Amolibros - our publishing consultancy offers a personal service and we find that talking to an author in depth about his or her manuscript can help enormously in the publishing process.
The David St John Thomas Charitable Trust Annual Prize for Fiction. Amolibros' clients have won the fiction category three years running. 2004 Seagem by Wallis Peel, 2003 The Magic Mooncat by Lois Fenn, 2002 Silent Shadows by Eva Maria Knabenbauer, and in 2005 the children's book category was won by Rosemary Pickering with Great Oak Little Acorn.


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Also available to Amolibros clients are the following:

Web design at reasonable cost

POD publishing

Ebook production, ebook publishing





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We won't try to persuade you into vast print runs or raise false expectations for the sale of your book but we are committed to providing you with realistic expectations and professional assistance in reaching your objectives through our publishing services.

Amolibros is a publishing consultancy designed to help you publish your own book. We believe that intelligent people would like a sensible alternative enabling them to self-publish without spending too much money or making expensive mistakes. The finished product and copyright will always belong to the author. For authors who want expert assessment of their work Amolibros coordinates with The Literary Consultancy.

We expect you to have a variety of requirements not only in the production of your book but also in your marketing, sales and distribution needs. Our publishing services are designed to meet those needs. Some authors may wish to execute their own marketing, particularly if they have produced something for a specialist market or for their local community. Some authors will require national sales and distribution and Amolibros will be able to offer this service through a national distributor. Back-up services will also be available to provide assistance in any marketing campaign that you may decide to undertake. You will always be encouraged to participate actively in marketing your own work. The best, the most knowledgeable and the most enthusiastic person able to convey information about a book is its author.

Amolibros is pleased to offer ebooks as well as more conventional publishing. Books are published through Smashwords so that they are available in a range of formats:

Online Reading (HTML)

Online Reading (JavaScript)

Kindle (.mobi)

Epub (open industry format, good for Stanza reader, others)

PDF (good for highly formatted books, or for home printing)

RTF (readable on most word processors)

LRF (for Sony Reader)

Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices)

Plain Text (flexible, but lacks much formatting)

Plain Text (viewable as web page)

Books usually go into their premier catalogue so they also become available through major online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo (formerly known as Shortcovers), Borders (powered by Kobo) and Apple, and other distribution outlets coming soon. Costs involved can be quite modest. For further information contact Jane Tatam, Loundshay Manor Cottage, Preston Bowyer, Milverton, Somerset TA4 1QF. Answerphone / fax: 01823 401527, email amolibros@aol.com

We always like to give as much help as possible to authors on the marketing front, and much of this needs to be done on the internet these days. Not everyone is entirely at ease with this and we do suggest you might talk to Sarah Houldcraft at vaforauthors.com if you want some practical assistance.